A long term investment of 0.50£

WP_20140629_002[1]It was a cloudy day of june in Hackney, I was coming home from a Sunday brunch in central London and the sky was threatening a “waterbomb” of rain.

I remember I was whistling while absently walking towards my tiny flat when a little blonde girl (together with two other toddlers) stopped me saying something like: “excuse me Sir, do you want a drawing? it’s only 50p”.

This made me smile. They organized a nice display (probably with some mommy’s piece of furniture) of

paintings and they were trying to make some sales stopping every single person passing by. I was one of them.

Suddenly something hit my mind. That under my eyes was the “child version” of my purpose, my vocation, what I feel I’ve born to: business. I was about to get home, but I didn’t. I stopped and started talking to the little blonde girl. I asked: “well, if you want me to buy a drawing you should tell me which one is the best”. She answered: “I can’t really say, they are all the best. 50p please”.

The youngest one was silently but firmly pointing at one of the paintings instead. It was evident he wanted to say his drawing was the best.

I was delighted by those assertive behaviours. This little crew of small human beings at the beginning of their lives made me think. A part of me started thinking that I wanted to encourage and reward this idea.

I picked one painting and I bought it: 50p for me were nothing, but for them could be a lot. Not just in terms of mere money: what I really hope is that through my act I could actually affect their blank beliefs about business, because they are still young enough to be totally preconceptions free. Those 50p were meant to show that if they work hard and do things right they will get rewarded in life. I hope one of them in 20 years time maybe will remember about this stranger buying his or her drawing.

Maybe S/He will be a successful business person who will employ hundreds of people and give back a lot to the community. That’s the forecast for this 50p investment, and the risk is non existent.

Anyway, the drawing is the one at the top left side of this arcticle, I’ll keep it with me as a motivational tool and reminder of where I want to go in my life.

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Talk to you soon, bye!

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